Securely Scaling Blockchains

Ethereum’s consensus algorithm is not the only thing changing with the launch of Eth 2.0. The underlying cryptography itself.

Scaling up blockchains to handle intensive global workloads for both.

and even automatic, for blockchain developers to produce secure protocols and code,

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on-chain scaling of blockchains (e.g., via sharding or bigger blocks) while.

hash (x) is a cryptographically secure hash function that returns the digest of x (e.g.

Web Scale Blockchain. Currently 50k TPS and 400ms Block Times.

Web-Scale Blockchain. For fast, secure, scalable, decentralized apps and marketplaces.

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Kadena has solved the previously long-standing problem of how to securely scale a public blockchain, and we're the only project that has been.

China’s national blockchain network has enlisted the teams behind Chainlink and Cosmos-powered Irisnet to help with oracles.

Blockchain oracles offer a way to ‘give eyes’ to other wise blind blockchains. This is what LiquidApps provides to.

The papers in this special section focus on blockchains in emerging vehicular social networks. Nowadays, human factors are involved in Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) and this arises to the.